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    Wood Thuan Company Limited Contract sincerely thank the cooperation and trust of your company's product for our company. Wood Thuan Company Limited Contract is proud to co-operation with the Company in the process of finalizing the certificate: ISO, GSP, HACCP, GMP ... and other criteria. 
    Thuan Company Limited Wood Co is a company specializing in the design, supply pallet with different materials such as wooden pallets nacre, wood glue pallet, rubber wood pallets, wood pallet garden complex, ... Especially with the current situation integration, customers increasingly reach the quality standards, so we bravely for the type of pallet market with high-quality materials such as wood pallets (import ) specialized for export customers to Europe, pallet material for the iron to food companies, plastic pallets for pharmaceutical companies. In addition, we also provide pallet cage, pallet husband, pallet loading, wooden crates, ... 
    With a staff with many years of experience in the field of engineering and woodworking, Wood Pallet Co Thuan constantly innovate and develop to meet the Company's requirements. In addition, activities aimed at expanding cooperation and development has always been to maintain our top priority. 
    The policy of the Company 
    Wood Thuan Co Limited is a reasonable price, best after sales service and we can provide our customers with prompt service and perfect at any time. For more information about products please contact us. Hotline: 0938 115 770, Email: gothuanhop@gmail.com
    Again, Wood Thuan Company Limited The hope is to contribute to the development of your company and wish you more prosperous company. 
    For more information, please direct mail to us at the information below. 
    Ngo Ngoc Tuan 
    Wood Thuan Company Limited Co 
    Address: No. 44 line DX 63 KP 8, Dinh Hoa Ward, City of Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Province. 
    Phone 0938 115 770, Tax ID: 3702278629 
    Email: gothuanhop.com Website: http://gothuanhop.com